Painting love, motherhood, and Christ

I'm Tessa.  I paint what I know, what I believe in.  I believe in love. That love that makes you want to carry somebody's heart with you all day long, so you know it won't get hurt.  Love that makes you question your every move because surely a love of this kind has never been felt before.  I know the kind of love that makes you want to stare into somebody's eyes and memorize every sparkle, every sliver of color so that when you close yours you can still see their's.  That kind of love that runs so deep inside you that it is part of you, all of you.  The love that wraps you up so entirely you can feel completely surrounded by it or quietly isolated because of it.  I know the kind of love that changes your very core and defines who you are and want to become, the love that is eternal and not bound by life or death.  Whether this love is through Motherhood or marriage or family, I believe it is truly sacred and beautiful.  This kind of love needs grace, strength, forgiveness, endurance, and hope.  

My paintings express how proud I am to be a woman and know this love.  They also express my gratitude for Christ as I learn more about His example of perfect love.  


Contact me at tessaleebrown@gmail.com or @tessalebrown on Instagram